One product the whole Crypto and Scallop community is waiting for is the Scallop Chain. If you’ve heard of Crypto before then blockchain is not new to your ears.


Scallop Chain is a blazingly fast Byzantine fault tolerance blockchain with a core KYC & AML module included in the consensus mechanism at the protocol level. It’s a blockchain with a complete single-binary distribution focused on simplicity, speed, and user-friendly for developers.

Designed to support both EVM and WASM-based smart contracts. As the first regulated blockchain, data privacy will be a paramount thing for users. Scallop Chain aims to integrate traditional banking with cross-chain applications.

Scallop Chain natively provides IBAN for each wallet, IBAN is the global banking standard. IBAN and bank account linked to every wallet on scallop chain allows secured and seamless fiat to crypto and crypto to fiat services.


Secured on-chain services: With a mandatory KYC and AML verification, no user is prone to attacks or theft on the blockchain.
Savings accounts with interest: Scallop Chain offers good APR for keeping your assets with them in a long run.
Fiat on-ramp to Crypto: Gives that connection between the traditional banks and cross blockchain applications. Fund, send and receive money with your cards in seconds.

Scallop Chain would be working on a Proof of Stake(PoS) mechanism. Making it fast, energy efficient and completely accessible to everyone.


  • Launching your ETH Dapp
  • Mint a Token
  • Integrate Scallop BAAS and
  • Scallop Explorer

About Scallop Chain

Scallop Chain is the world’s first regulated blockchain with the unique capability of powering cross-chain financial applications to establish a better DeFi future. The Devnet would be happening next month while the mainnet will be announced in Q1 of 2023.

Learn more about Scallop:

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