Metaxy and Gaming Performances

The Open Beta Test is ongoing , this event is open to all community members and users interested. Participate and earn from the following features:
PvE (Story Mode): Winners will earn Gold (in-game coin) and $MXY.
Auto-raid Function: The autoplay mode allows users to earn $MXY and in-game coins as rewards without paying too much effort into playing. Players have to achieve 3 stars at any level to unlock 5 times of auto-raid mode per day.
Leaderboard: Top 30 Leaderboard will earn extra rewards of Metaxy NFT cards and Gold.

Time: 8:00 AM UTC, March 17, 2022 — 8:00 AM UTC, March 31st

Platform: WebGL — Network: Binance Smart Chain (Mainnet)

Platy at :

Game function available: Story Mode (PvE), Leaderboard, Auto-raid feature, In-game Market


The Open Beta is ongoing and the team has given passionate community members opportunity to detect bugs and earn much rewards . Since it is still a test version, so there will be times when you get an error while playing the game.

Prize: 100 USDT for 5 best bug hunters.

Time: March 17th — 8 AM UTC March 31st

How to join?
Report the issues you found with clear evidence to this form:

The winners will be decided by Metaxy dev team.
Best picks would be considered based on the rarity and severity of the issue (common errors such as not being able to log in to the game will not be counted). Also users’ suggestions will be taken into account when fixing the issue. Any idea that contributes to the development of the game would be much appreciated.
Users who join the event must be using their real account. Any suspicious cases will be disqualified.
Each user can only receive one prize. If more than one user found the same bug, the prize goes to the fastest, based on the report time.

Partnership with SuperOracles

Metaxy’s strategic partner, SupraOracles will support the Metaxy team with devising marketing and business operation strategies. With a massive global network and substantial resources, SupraOracles is regarded as a valuable companion to Metaxy that will give the team the capability to develop the team, enforce the product roadmap effectively and strengthen our local communities. Metaxy’s team will keep the hardwork in quest to bring GameFi project to greater heights within the blockchain and crypto space.

About Metaxy

Metaxy is a Free-to-Play and Play-to-Earn Metaverse NFT fighting game, featuring the most diverse anime-inspired characters, that creates a Multiverse where players can summon their favorite superheroes to battle and earn massive rewards of NFT collectibles and MXY tokens.

Metaxy takes place in a fantasy world where superheroes are summoned for the great Multiverse War. Each game character comes with different appearances and unique fighting attributes that are developed over time along with the user’s experience. The game allows players to immerse themselves in an enticing narrative story plot (PvE) with intense AI-based combat governed by a wide range of Metaxy superheroes.

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