Metaxy aims to create a dynamic and vivacious multiverse that generates high engagement value amongst players and provides them with the utmost sensational experience. Players can dive into the immersive storytelling and participate in fierce battles against one another to claim well-deserved rewards. Our philosophy is to work collectively towards the goal of disrupting the conventional technological model whilst involving players in every crucial systematic and economic step of the project.


In this Closed Beta Test, Metaxy offers both Free-to-play and Play-to-earn features with Story Mode experience.
As joining in our Close Beta Test, you will get some of our super heroes in testnet to be involved in the game and test how it is going on in the game, especially you will experience how you will be rewarded in the game.

To join the mainnet gameplay, if you want to earn rewards (both Gold and $MXY) while playing the game, then you must own at least 1 NFT card, which can be bought at the upcoming Chest sale event. The higher the rank is, the more rewards you can receive per day.

500 participants has been randomly selected to join the Closed Beta Test.

Click on this LINK to check the 500 selected participants.

How can players earn in Closed Beta Test?
In Closed Beta Test, users can earn from PvE (Story Mode) and leaderboard feature:
PvE (Story Mode): Winners will earn Gold (in-game coin) and $MXY.
Leaderboard: Leaderboard will last for 7 days from 8 AM UTC, Feb 10 to 8 AM UTC, Feb 17. Top 30 Leaderboard will earn extra rewards of Metaxy NFT cards and $MXY.


Mirana marketplace is an all-in-one platform where every project has the chance to approach a wide range of products, from collectibles of talented artists, singers, songwriters to the game characters and also in-game items from the hottest NFT games in the industry at low cost and time.

Mirana marketplace aims at establishing a place where anyone could start their business by trading NFT creations. Mirana also provides a full-fit package of services to anyone having their own NFT stores on the marketplace and customizing the stores as they wish. At the same time, Mirana helps owners to detect any fake items or contents for copyright issues.

How to buy?
Step 1: Join Metaxy store on Mirana Marketplace via this LINK

Step 2: Connect your wallet
Your wallet section will display your balance and address if you connect successfully.

Step 3: Choose the type of Chest you would like to purchase.

For this first launch, there are 2 types of Chests available with details as follows:
Starter Chest:
Quantity: 1,600

Price: 145 BUSD (after the sale, box price will be back to the normal rate of 260 BUSD)

Card ratio: 49.1% of Common Cards, 46.12% of Epic Cards, and 4.27% of Legend Cards.

Deluxe Chest:
Quantity: 1,120

Price: 285 BUSD (after the sale, box price will be back to the normal rate of 520 BUSD)

Card ratio: No Common Card, 76.41 % of Epic Cards, and 23.59% of Legend Cards
After choosing the Chest of your preference, click on Summon Chest.

Step 4: Complete checkout
You need to Approve Token to complete the checkout process. This will cost a small amount of fee for this first time only.

Step 5: Claim chest
After summoning successfully, the Claim Now button will appear. You can get your cards by simply clicking the button.

Your purchase will cost a small amount of gas fees.
Make sure your wallet has sufficient balance to process your purchase.
You cannot buy more than your maximum quantity of chest allowed.


To own Metaxy superheroes, players can summon them in Mirana Marketplace .
The Metaxy system is extremely diverse, including thousands of different NFT cards and allowing players to freely explore.

After owning your favorite Metaxy superheroes from a variety of available characters, players will continuously upgrade their fighters’ stats to increase the chance of victory fighting against the Evil Gods. To achieve that goal, players will battle in various game modes with the purpose of earning rewards which are later used to upgrade their Metaxy fighters’ abilities.


  • Name
  • Rank
  • HP
  • Attack
  • Speed
  • Energy
  • Tags

The player collects the cards by finding the keys to open the chests containing the cards. Cards are equipped to the character to increase the character's strength. The character can only equip a card when there are empty card slots on him and there are conditions for Tags (tags) to wear the tag.


Metaxy is designed so that players can combine the attributes of the Metaxy fighters to build a flexible battle formation in the following modes:

📍Story Mode

📍PvP Mode

📍Multiverse Great Beasts

📍Power Challenge Mode

📍Training mode.


Metaxy was conceptualized to become a leading complex Multiverse. We seek to enable mass adoption of blockchain-based gaming by creating engrossing and innovative cross-chain gaming experiences. This can be achieved by integrating blockchain technology advancement with traditional gaming frameworks which are centralized upon a balanced ecosystem.

Visit Metaxy’s official website and channels:
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