Would you love to hold or earn more $SCLP without stressing at all. With just your data connection and following these processes I’ll be explaining below, then you’re one step away from being rewarded.

The first strategy is


Don’t keep your Scallop tokens idle in the wallet! All $SCLP holder can earn passively by staking their tokens for a specific period of time, minimum of 30 days and maximum of 4 years. Each locking period has different APRs, the longer the period the better the rewards. You can buy $SCLP on, pancakeswap or Kucoin.

Steps on staking:


1. Click ‘Connect Wallet’ in the top right-hand corner of the page to connect your MetaMask Wallet to the platform.

2. When you successfully connect your wallet, input the amount of SCLP that you would like to stake, select the staking period of your choice then click ‘Proceed’.

3. A MetaMask pop-up window will appear. Please follow the instructions to complete the transaction.


Scallop unveiled its Discord community a month ago. The first AMA session in August was held there with a record of over 100 people who joined in. As a community driven project, the team has lauched a referral program for friends and all lovers of Scallop to participate and stand a chance to win $SCLP. 3 people with most referral will be rewarded 100 $SCLP each, let’s go!

Quick guide:

  • Generate your referral link on the server. Check out the demo video at #❔|faqs on how to create your own custom link.
  • Share it on social media with your friends and get them to join the server.
  • Follow Scallop on Twitter & Instagram. Find the links below

Note: There'll be an automated leaderboard on the server, check #⚡|invite-check channel.

Good luck!

About Scallop

Scallop is an innovative fintech ecosystem for users who want a faster, more efficient way to manage their crypto + fiat in a single place securely. Scallop’s mission is to bring digital assets into mainstream use and bridge the gap between decentralised and traditional finance.

Learn more about Scallop:

📍 — Website | Twitter | Telegram | Medium | Linkedin | Instagram



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