The Crypto space has been active for more than a decade, but it’s only now that efforts to regulate them have moved to the top of the policy agenda. Partly because it’s only in the past few years that crypto assets have moved from being niche products in search of a purpose to penetrating deep into the mainstream presence as speculative investments, hedges against weak currencies, and potential payment instruments.

The regulatory framework regarding crypto assets and crypto asset trading platforms is developing and evolving. This can leave purchasers, speculators, and investors confused about when and if securities regulations apply.

Regulation helps protect investors because registered firms and individuals are subject to certain requirements including risk management, disclosure, and dealing honestly, fairly and in good faith with clients.

While registration exists to provide investors with an added layer of security. Always evaluate each opportunity and be sure you fully understand the asset and risks involved before you invest, purchase, or speculate in cryptocurrency or other crypto assets.

For a Safe and Secured Crypto Ecosystem, we need to:

✳️ Regulate Crypto Services

✳️ Protect of Users Funds

✳️ Maintain Solid Technological Foundations


Scallop is a licensed and regulated banking institution which offers a comprehensive suite of
innovative banking products.

Scallop’s banking ecosystem offers products and solutions built on the powerful and fully regulated Scallop Chain. This is a regulated, low-fee banking blockchain. You can build your bank on Scallop Chain. The blockchain is a fast fault tolerance blockchain with a core KYC & AML module included in the consensus mechanism at the protocol level. Its products have been launched to approximately 1.5 billion potential customers in the U.K., EU, Canada, and the UAE, where Scallop holds banking and crypto licenses.


Scallop Chain is the world’s first regulated blockchain with the unique capability of powering cross-chain financial applications to establish a better DeFi future. Scallop Chain natively provides IBAN for each wallet, IBAN is the global banking standard. IBAN and bank account linked to every wallet on scallop chain allows secured and seamless fiat to crypto and crypto to fiat services. The Devnet would be happening next month while the mainnet will be announced in Q1 of 2023.

Learn more about Scallop:

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