Metaxy is a Free-to-Play and Play-to-Earn Metaverse NFT fighting game where players can summon their favorite superheroes to battle and earn massive rewards of NFT collectibles and MXY tokens. The game allows players to immerse themselves in an enticing narrative story plot (PvE) with intense AI-based combat governed by a wide range of Metaxy superheroes.

The game is free to play with four Metaxy superheroes to choose among. As the game falls into the fighting game genre, the gameplay is similar to Street Fighter in which you will use 1 character to engage in a 1v1 battle. Each character has a different skill set so in order to win the battle, you have to understand your character and your opponent to secure your victory. Each skill costs a certain amount of mana so make sure to keep an eye on your energy bar so that your character does not fall behind in the battle.


In Open Beta version, users can send their constructive feedback on the loopholes they found in the game. Upgraded from the Closed Beta version, reported glitches will be fixed and new features will be added including the Play-to-Earn function, all of which will be released on Mainnet.
Let’s take a closer look into the details;

Time: 8:00 AM UTC March 17, 2022.

Platform: WebGL

Game function available: Story Mode (PvE), Auto-raid feature, In-game Market.


Auto-raid feature

In-game Market


When collecting enough 1 certain set of cards, the player can equip the player and activate the effect of the card set, through which the player receives additional extremely valuable stats. Cards with high rarity will have a chance to appear passive skills. This is an extremely valuable and useful skill for players.


About Metaxy

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